Responsive surfaces




Responsive or “smart” materials are materials designed to respond to an external stimuli such as a change in pH, voltage, light, or solvent conditions. These materials have potential applications for separation, drug delivery, and as means to direct fluid flow in microfluidic devices. We are using electrical potential as a stimulus as it can be easily integrated in micro- and nanoscale devices. We are developed smart surfaces that can change their wetting and adhesive properties due to a change in applied potential. We are using a wide variety of techniques such as x-ray spectroscopy, contact angle measurements, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and direct surface forces measurements to characterize and optimize the dynamic response of these materials.



Role of Solution and Surface Coverage on Voltage-Induced Response of Low-Density Self-Assembled Monolayers (Journal of Physical Chemistry C)

Supramolecular Ion-Pair Interactions to Control Monolayer Assembly (Langmuir)

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