Recent work on particle separation using LEGOs has garnered attention by the popular press


Our recent work (joint with the Drazer lab):

 M. Balvin, E. Sohn, , T. Iracki, G. Drazer, and J. Frechette, "Directional locking and the role of irreversible interactions in deterministic hydrodynamics separations in microfluidic devices", Physical Review Letters, 103, 078301, 2009.


Was featured on August 28th in the article "Replacing Nanoscale Microfluidic Arrays with LEGO" on's popular blog "Geek Dad". Click to read the full post here.


It was also featured on August 29th in in the article: "Johns Hopkins Researchers Raid Toybox to Study Microfluidic Physics".


See also the post "Nanoscale, Lego by Lego" on here.

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