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Impact of Pinning of the Triple Contact Line on Electrowetting Performance

 Authors: Rohini Gupta, Danica M. Sheth, Teno K. Boone, Arianne B. Sevilla, and Joelle Frechette

(Langmuir 2011, 27, 14923-14929, doi:10.1021/la203320g)



Pinning of the triple contact line adversely affects electrowetting on dielectric. Electrowetting response of substrates with contact angle hysteresis ranging from 1o to 30ohas been characterized, and the results are interpreted within the framework of electromechanics corrected for pinning. The relationship between contact angle hysteresis, threshold potential for liquid actuation, and electrowetting hysteresis is quantified. Our results demonstrate that a modified electrowetting equation, based on balance of forces (including the pinning forces) acting on the triple contact line and on the drop, describes the electrowetting response of substrates with significant contact angle hysteresis. Finally, the surface properties of PDMS Sylgard 184 were found to be influenced by the electric field.

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