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Electriochemical Stability of Low-Density Carboxylic Acid Terminated Monolayers

 Authors: Mingxiang Luo, J. Frechette

(J. Phys. Chem. C  114(47), 2010, 20167-20172)



Using cyclic voltammetry, we studied the reductive desorption of a series of low-density self-assembled
monolayers (LD-SAMs) made from mercaptohexadecanoic acid (MHA). Desorption experiments indicate
that LD-SAMs are significantly less stable than a full MHA monolayer. All three LD-SAMs investigated
presented a broad desorption peak in the region between -1.0 and -0.8 V vs SCE, which is in contrast to
the single peak with a narrow distribution at -1.11 V observed for the full MHA monolayer. Upon backfilling the LD-SAM with a shorter-chain thiol (mercaptohexanol), the desorption of the mixed monolayer displayed
a single peak, indicative of a well-mixed monolayer. Our results show that LD-SAMs are promising candidates for mixed monolayers and suggest that the broad desorption peak observed for LD-SAMs might arise due to adsorption at different binding sites.

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