About us

We seek to harness interfacial phenomena to achieve external, reversible, and local control of wetting and adhesion properties. The large surface to volume ratios provided when devices are shrunk to the micro- and nanoscale create particularly exciting opportunities for exerting control via tunable surface interactions.

To achieve this goal, we explore two separate avenues for the control of surface and interfacial properties: control of electrostatic interactions and design of surface structure. The importance of electrostaticsis approached by studying the nanoscale limits of electrowetting on dielectric, the design of responsive films that can be employed to move drops, and the use of surface charge as a means to control the assembly of nanoparticles at the oil-water interface. Our efforts in the control of surface structure have been focused on the understanding of the mechanisms for the adhesion of tree frogs under flooded condition, and on the importance of partial contact line pinning on the morphology of capillary bridges 

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